She kept on dancing all through the party.

I'll never forget you.

Alfred has a thirty percent interest in the company.

Remember that very little is needed to make a happy life.

My husband thinks I spend too much money.

She reached against oppression.


It cannot plausibly be argued that behaviour of such complexity derives entirely from instinct.


During the Soviet Union, there were two big newspapers - "Pravda" and "Izvestiia."

I resign.

It's not possible to wait.


I know where I'm going next.

How far is an Irishman from a drunkard? The breadth of the table.

Miki only had a dim recollection of what Anderson looked like.

A bargain! For the true connoisseur!

It's a fog that you can cut with a knife.

Jun showed me his picture.

This will not be tolerated.


What are they at?

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You should really get one of these.

Bean sprouts are eaten as a salad in America.

Every time I went to his place, he was studying.


I didn't go to Hong Kong by plane.

The children are sleeping. Please don't be so noisy.

I prefer to study at night.

I broke the vase on purpose.

Good thinking!

This vast continent is abundant in fossil fuels.

Sumitro brought Narendra back to Boston.


It's going to be great and exciting to be there.

Miles wore a silk shirt.

Aaron smiled at Jeffery and she smiled back.

Why is the train late?

You don't have to say or do anything.

Jonathan made a promise to Jonathan that he would never leave her.

Casey gazed at Jill.

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What a drag!

I'd rather not do that.

Only Diana knows.

He is Tony.

What did he think of, when saying that?

Birds are trapped by a lot of villagers.

Gill just needs to do his job.


We don't have to deal with this right now.

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Would you care to bet?

I think Sandeep blames himself.

Will it be Saturday tomorrow?

Although I was exhausted, I continued to work.

Are you sure nothing's wrong?

How old is Tony?

It's simple, but it works.


Don't worry about your work.


A lot of people were killed by the blast.

Mr. and Mrs. Davis were invited to a Christmas party at a hotel one year.

She called him a fool.

That was what Natraj meant.

I once went to Boston with him.

It's pristine.

We did everything right.

Why hasn't anybody ever told me about it?

We are not as happy or unhappy as we imagine ourselves to be.

I'm immune to disease.

It's enough!

Police are everywhere.

In Hans Christian Andersen's classic fairy tale, "The Emperor's New Clothes," two swindlers promise an emperor beautiful new clothes that are invisible to anyone who is unfit for their position, unjust or stupid.

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I don't want to ask you anything.


There's only one torpedo left.

Nothing hinders what you overcome.

Any ideas will be appreciated!


I could not make my way at all because of the crowd.

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Because tomorrow is a holiday from school, we plan to go on an excursion.

You are nothing but a fool! I have to explain everything to you!

I arrived in China.

We don't know how to find Ernest.

You often hear people compare life to voyage, don't you?

I'm currently located in Boston.

Brodie made it back in time for dinner.

Get your big feet off my flowers.

The escaped prisoner hasn't been caught.

It's what I wanted.

I have been formally invited to have tea with the Queen. Unfortunately I am busy.

He used the word in a good sense.

He was created a peer.

He took his sister along.

The accident happened on Sunday at about 3:00.


Go and look for her.


That will pass.

There has been a rash of burglaries in my neighborhood.

That happens often, so don't worry about it.

Greg has enough money to do whatever he wants to do.

Hazel isn't as active as her sister.

The man who stepped out was frowning.

Watch carefully and you can see how my lips move in pronouncing the word.


James didn't offer me anything to eat.

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It didn't help.

I think that you should come and stay at my place.

Whenever she may come, I am ready to welcome her.

I'm pretty sure Spencer's right.

What color are your eyes?


She spends a major part of her income on food.


This room is very small, so it is impossible to put more furniture in it.

I need to know what I've missed.

I would love to see it.

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This restaurant won't do.

Toft knocked out John with a baseball bat.

There are many snakes in this forest.

Her anxiety was apparent to everyone.

Are you following me?

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I'll squeeze lemons all afternoon if it's necessary.


Vaughn put the knife on the table.

I was told that we couldn't swim here.

Rainer noticed Erick's disappointment.


How long has Plastic been up there?

I need paper for a printer.

Carter came to see you yesterday.

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Why are we even talking about this?

It won't be necessary, I think.

We are coming.

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Julian was surrounded.

Italy's country code is 39.

Europe is an old continent with a long, rich history.

This made many people angry.

Let's see what Raj has to say about it.

Cristi asked Clayton what kind of music she liked to listen to.

I've been looking at the information you sent.

We express our thoughts by means of language.

The President's speech was calculated to ease world tensions.

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Good afternoon everybody!

I just want it over and done with.

You are selling him short.

Don't you want to know why I didn't do that?

The whole town will know!

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Please push this button at once in case of emergency.

Do we have to be nice to Trent?

Rudy looked wise.


Oh God, oh God, what do I do?

I don't always get up early.

Isidore doesn't let his children drink wine.

Belinda burned all of his old books.

Helge's dog is a pretty good swimmer.

A beard doesn't make a philosopher.

What would cause that?

He tried to catch the bird but wasn't successful.

He is capable of doing such a thing.

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If you don't want to reply, you don't have to.

What is the worth of a jar full of pennies?

Can it be true that he is ill?

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If you hurry, there still might be some choice items left for you to buy.

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People say that the fox is more cunning than other animals.

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I'd like you to accompany him.

I don't want to talk to you right now.

He was chosen to be a member of the team.

What's going to happen to him?

It's so nice to stay at home.

Martha is an active boy.

Were they here?


His question challenged us to think.

This isn't any fun.

I speak English a lot.

It was just an accident that we met.

The wood grain in Brazilian rosewood is beautiful.

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Go exercise outside.

Roxane was in a hurry this morning.

Why are there still people here?